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Statement on OTU airdrop to STE holders

OTU (One Time Utility) allows you to receive EMAIL without an account and all received EMAIL will be deleted after 1 hour.
OTU can be swapped to EOS in defibox.io (Link address below)
OTU tokens will be distributed as an airdrop to STE holders based on a snapshot on December 25th, 2020.

If you have a STE balance during the December 25, 2020 snapshot, you will be additionally credited the equivalent amount of OTU airdrop tokens on a 1:0.5 basis.
1 STE held during the snapshot will get you 0.5 OTU airdrop tokens.
Only the STE held on your account is eligible for OTU airdrop tokens.

We would like to thank the OTU team for working closely with us.

Buy OTU : https://defibox.io/pool-market-details/620
Buy STE : https://defibox.io/pool-market-details/451

Buy OTU : https://dapp.defibox.io/poolMarketDetails/620
Buy STE : https://dapp.defibox.io/poolMarketDetails/451

* Notice : This page only works on PC (not Mobile)
First, install Scatter and register your EOS key and login to Scatter

1. Airgrab 5,000 OTU
Scatter account
OTU Airgrab

2. Check OTU airdrop quantity